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Are you searching for your next riding horse and like to educate it by your self?

Looking for a horse with talent to become your next nice riding horse, competition horse of international level, competition horse Sport A,B or D, breeding mare, breeding stallion or something else?


We always have a lot of great young horses in training for many different purposes, both from our own breeding and from costumers. 

Most of them are 4 and 5 years old.

Mares, geldings, and stallions.


We like to keep the youngsters until they are trained at least a couple of months to see the result of our breeding. We believe it provide us a lot of important information that help us to keep improve our breeding. But with many new foals and youngsters “on the way” we will be open to sell some of them on the right request.

Take a look on worldfengur and check out what we have bred “fra Debelmose”.


Most of the horses are danish born and bred from 1. class, or close by, judged mares with good pedigree and interesting bloodlines.


Feel free to contact us and tell about what you are looking for and we’ll se if we might have something that fits for you.

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